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We have published in full the grievances with the current exclusive bargaining unit: Indianapolis Education Association. We also have published how you can resign from the union, including a form letter. Enough is enough with the shading dealings of IEA/ISTA. Going Red for Ed has not benefited IPS stakeholders. They took PAC $ from current members, but made no headway in legislation.

Here at Indianapolis Teachers Society we are putting transparency first and representing the interest of teachers and social workers. Let's show the old regime how well we can organize to bring thoughtful change to Indianapolis' largest school district. Choose to give yourself a raise, lower your cost for liability insurance, and lend support for Indianapolis Teachers Society. Because ITSmyIPS and I don't need to hand someone else $800+ dollars when the board, state legislatures, and my colleagues will engage in robust discussions for FREE.

Stop by between 3-6pm to learn more. Visit our website for a list of true, concrete examples of IEA's gross negligence and failure to follow their own bylaws.

Black Out: Resign from IEA

Give Yourself a Raise

Event from 3pm-6pm

Tick Tock Lounge

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