Mission and Vision

Our mission is to empower and educate all educators to think critically, creatively, and responsibly, to embrace diversity, and to pursue their professional potential.

We believe the Indianapolis Teachers Society will attract and maintain a family of excellent educators who believe the Indianapolis Public Schools student has the opportunity to succeed and the power to create their own future.

Grievances with the current bargaining unit

Rapid expansion of district partnerships with charter schools has chipped away at union rights. It is unclear how the current association is addressing this growing concern.

All teachers were not included in the most recent pay raises. The roll out was confusing. We have unanswered questions.

Health care cost continue to rise with the current high-deductible plans. IPS staff health insurance is comparable to the lowest bronze plan for a Starbucks employee.

Only 3.9 percent of IEA Members voted in the last election.

49.7 percent of the district’s teachers are members.

Article 2. Section 1 of the bylaws clearly states 30% need to participate.

IEA lost its tax-exempt status in 2012. There is no comprehensive plan in place to pay back taxes on teacher dues.

IEA President resigned amid accusations she mishandled $100,000 in union funds.The same president that stole money and was removed in November from her office was still paid her salary through December by the current association and given a $30,000 summer stipend.


Chalkbeat has been reporting on ITS as well. "A competing group moves to decertify and replace the embattled IPS teachers union"

ITS is grabbing the mic, so WE can Bargain for US

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