Alternatives to the status quo

As many of you may know, the Indianapolis Education Association is not honest and sometimes hostile to its members.  The executive and regional boards are self-serving and refuse to follow the bylaws and constitution we pay them to follow.  Heck, even the president of the association is not a licensed teacher.

After 20+ years of being a member, it is time for me to protect myself and find an alternative source of liability insurance and legal protection that does not include this association.  

Below is the supreme court’s decision and alternatives to IEA/ISTA.  Additionally included are two associations outside of IEA/ISTA.

If you are going to leave the association, it must be done between June 1st and July 15th.  Don’t let the letter be a day early or a day late or the association will not accept your resignation.


Right to Choice of Representation
Title 20. Article 29, Chapter 7, Section 1
The Supreme Court has recognized the right of association via the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States linked to the speech and general assembly and this supersedes all state laws. Indiana Code makes it an unfair practice for Employers of school systems (Administration) to encourage or mandate teacher representation to be that of a union representative.  Non-union teachers have the right to bring their own representation outside the teacher union to meetings, hearings or any other discussions where representation is advised.


  1. Association of American Educators:

Liability Insurance is $2 million and covers cost for representation. $198 annually or 16.50/month

  1. Indiana Professional Educators, Inc.

Coverage A:

 Up to $1 million per insured per occurrence/$3 million per occurrence, plus the cost of defense, investigation and legal fees.


Coverage B:  

Up to $10,000 per claim per insured.  Coverage for cirminal proceedings and/or sexual misconduct limited to $10,000 aggregate per number per policy year.  


Coverage C:

 Up to $1,000 premium bail bonds.

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